About Sue Reyman

About Sue Reyman

After visiting India ten years ago Ms. Reyman found it to be a life changing experience; she was deeply moved by the beauty of the people and their culture.  She wanted to capture everything she was seeing with a camera, but had never done more than use a point and shoot.  After retiring four years ago she was determined to study photography and return to India one day to capture its soul that had captivated her.

Returning to India in 2016 and shooting over 15,000 images, she has selected some of her most outstanding photographs for her Web site. These photos are primarily from Varanasi, Pushkar and Munnar, Kerala and Madurai, India.

Since then she has traveled and photographed Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Burma as well as the Joffrey Ballet, Hubbard Street Dancers and the Gus Giordano Dancers.

Ms. Reyman has been published in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago by both the Joffrey Ballet and Hubbard Street Dance.  Her images were also used in the production of Cinderella by the Joffrey for not only the programs but large format posters in the Auditorium Theater.  

As she approaches her 70th birthday and grateful for the second chapter to her life and this new found passion she felt a need to give back.  As a thank you for the opportunity she is donating all net proceeds for her work to Smile Train and Opportunity International, two outstanding organizations that work in third world countries.